Giving Day is Thurs Mar 5. Let’s Build a Theater!

Let’s Take a Big Step Towards Building a Theater!
Your $10 donation this Thursday can help us win $25,000!

Thursday, March 5 is Fairfield County Giving Day, hosted by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, and sponsored by Bank of America, Giving Day inspires and empowers our region to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofit organizations in just 24 hours through online donations.

Your gift, no matter the amount, goes directly to helping us realize the dream of bringing an independent cinema to downtown — adding a new jewel to Westport’s cultural crown!

The minimum donation is $10 — there is no maximum.

Make your gift through for us to win additional prizes.

Fairfield County’s Giving Day isn’t just about raising individual dollars for nonprofits in our community. It’s about rewarding great giving! With the help of a growing list of sponsors, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation is excited to announce the following prizes to motivate individuals and businesses to support local philanthropy, and create a sense of urgency to give, and to give often!

Prizes will be given in the following categories:

Most Unique Donors
1st place prize = $25,000
2nd place prize = $15,000

Most Dollars Raised
1st place prize = $20,000
2nd place prize = $10,000

Power Hours:
$1,000 prizes will be awarded to the organizations with the most unique donors in the
following hours:
Rise and Shine Power Hour: 6am-7am
Lunch Special Power Hour: 12pm-1pm
Quitting Time Power Hour: 4pm-5pm
Super Power Hour: 7pm-8pm

Two random $1,000 prize drawings will take place for all nonprofits that receive donations
during the following hours:
Coffee Break Power Hour: 10am-11am
Night Owl Power Hour: 11pm-11:59pm

Launch Prizes
The first 12 nonprofits to receive 25 unique gifts of $25 or more will receive a $1,000 prize