WestportReads “The Dead” Special Event: Sat Jan 17, 4pm

The Westport Library and Westport Cinema Initiative, as part of our ongoing series of pop-up films, present The Dead at Christ and Holy Trinity Church. The final film of legendary director John Huston is based on the closing story of James Joyce’s Dubliners. In Dublin 1904, friends congregate, as they have done for years, at a New Year’s party in the household of the Misses Morkan. The mood is coloured by anguish as Gretta (Anjelica Huston) remembers a long-lost love, much to the incomprehension of her husband Gabriel (Donal McCann). Greta’s story conveys the sentiment shared by James Joyce: no matter how long in their graves, the dead will always influence the living. For Huston, the film served as an elegant and melancholic farewell to Ireland and to life itself. The film was co-written by Huston with his son, Tony Huston.(1982, 85 Minutes)

A discussion will follow with Joe Meyers, entertainment reporter for Hearst Newspapers and Mark Schenker, Dean of Academic Affairs at Yale University and James Joyce expert.

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